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If you have to send the invitation to 100 people, you have  to also take into account wedding invites to those people who already know that they are invited. Like bridesmaids, the best man, groomsmen, flower girl, her family, etc.

Good question, first you need to have your content ready; any text, photos, logos or any special fonts you plan to print. Whether that’s Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, PDF or just plain hard copy. Carefully check page margins and proof read it to find any spelling errors. After you’ve made all the revisions, you’re ready to start the process.

Next, choose a file format for your artwork. Call us to discuss the best format for saving a print file like a PDF for example, which is usually the best format you can use to print your artwork.

Choose CMYK colour separation which is perfect for printing. The CMYK separation adds dye to a page to subtract white from an image. Remember that when viewing colour on a computer screen, it is not always the same when printed. The CMYK model allows the colour we see on the screen to be the one we are going to see when printing is finished.

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The important thing is the kind of invitations you want to send out. Many wedding invites are plain and simple, with quality card and a simple message without much decoration. But, if you want your wedding stationery to be embossed, gold leaf,  and have quality decorations and material, the costs can go up. You should also take into account the number of wedding invites too.

According to Google My Business, we’re one of the best printers in London, specialising in wedding stationery. So my advice is to read our Google reviews then ask us to quote I’ve designed our service around keeping your costs low, saving you time and making sure what we deliver is of the highest quality.

How long your wedding stationery takes to print and finish depends on the quantity and the quality. If your wedding invitations have high-quality materials and intricate designs, each card will take time to make, take that time and multiply it by the number of guests you will have. So it’s always best to call us first.


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