Why business cards will always be important

Post advent of the digital age many business owners have discarded traditional print marketing techniques in favour of the diverse and expansive online audience they’re able to reach. It’s become increasingly difficult for traditional forms of print marketing blossom, as we become increasingly reliant on having our information fed to us faster, in more digestible chunks, and through an online platform.

However, despite the exponential growth of online marketing, and our personal digital footprints, there’s nothing quite as effective as personal communication. It’s for this very reason direct marketing will always offer a longer lasting impression than digital marketing, people love to communicate.

The business card is a true example of how effective direct marketing can be. There is no true substitution for face-to-face marketing. The business card remains a creative and succinct way of showcasing your business, personality or ethos to others. Indeed, consider how often you remember a URL mentioned in conversation, and just how many business cards you still hold in your wallet. Business cards are effective.

Business cards offer eternal marketing value

The business card has a quality that is unique, almost novel, and evolves as technology evolves. Website designs and computer interfaces look dated very quickly. With the continual surge in progression that forms an integral component of the information technology industry, what is considered new and innovative dates very quickly. Graphic designs are dependent on trends, and trends are in fashion one day and out of fashion the next. A strong business card will stand the test of time.

Affordability of business cards is a strong selling point

If you have a limited marketing budget the affordability of business cards should appeal to you. The expense of hiring someone to build you an all-singing-and-dancing website, effective social media presence, or email marketing campaign, may be more than you anticipate. Printing and paper costs are negligible by comparison.

The options are endless 

When deciding on the design of your business card the options are vast. Traditional business cards are paper-based, however today these days business cards are designed using a range of materials. From Perspex to aluminium, oak to plastic, you can tailor the design of the business cards to your individual industry. Many people take the opportunity to have their business cards make a true statement. From pop-up designs to gilded leaf designs to miniature leaflets containing a wealth of information the scope to make your business cards as memorable as possible is vast.

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